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Barry West (Baz) racing profile

I am married with 2 boys. Born in Solihull, Birmingham, UK. in 1952, lived in Bristol for the last 57 years.
Interests are MG cars, I own an MG Midget 1971, 2004 MG TF and MG ZS 180 2.5L V6. My eldest son has inherited our MG Montego 2L turbo and upped it to nearly 200bhp he also has an MGF and a ZS 180 saloon. I also play tennis badly. I work as a surveyor for the local authority, South Gloucestershire Council.

My sim racing started with my trusty Amiga 600 and Grand Prix back in the distant past. I used to race in an offline league. Then with 3 other friends we used to do full GP's on a Friday night taking it in turns to provide the house and beer, hot seating full length GPs with GP2. Then along comes GPL, my first online race was with VROCF2 on 2nd Feb 2000. Remember it well in a Brabham just behind Alison Hine’s Cooper I thought I was quick, then realised a few days later that the Brabham was a no, no in F2 circles.
I then joined MARA in F2's Middle Aged Racers Association where I raced until the end of 2007/8 season in the European League driving GTLegends and later the Power and Glory mod.

I Joined UKGPL in the support league in season 2 then div4, and then got up to div2. I raced the Honda RA 300 and was in Team Hiki-Waza Honda Racing I also Joined European Gentlemens Racing League which did full GP's in GPL and met some fine fellows, best result was 2nd at Monaco which was a race I always wanted to do but was over joyed with the result after 100 laps with pro damage, safety fast beat a lot of very fast drivers that day. Interest waned as more mods became available like GTR and such, a few of us migrated to Netkar which is very good, but then along came Trans Am. Had a brief spell with some very fast drivers in European Legends League. Which is now known as TWFR (Trans World Formula Racing) and am now part of the admin team.

Driving wise I am not fast but competitive, I like to think I am clean and fair, winning is not important to me, I just love racing.

I use a Logitech G25 FF wheel with Club Sport Pedals. 3 x 19" Monitors set up with TH2Go box. i7 860 2.80GHZ CPU with Nvidea GTX 275 and 4GB DDR3. In a nice Lian Lee case. Which always needs upgrading.

Last updated 10/9/2008

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