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Cockpit View Colours

The car skin does not affect the colour of your cockpit & mirrors as seen from within the cockpit.If you want the cockpit view to match the rest of your car skin then you need to do some further editing.

First get the gMotor 2.0 MAS utility which enables you to extract the contents of the rFactor .mas files.

Go to the appropriate folder for your car in the GP79 mod and open the <car>.mas file with the MAS utility. For example for the Ferrari go to rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\GP79\Ferrari folder and open ferrari.mas (the rest of this article will assume that it is being done for the Ferrari). Select the FE_CP_COMMON.DDS file and extract it (Edit | Extract). You can now edit this file to change the colour to match your car skin.

There are now three ways of getting your newly edited cockpit file back into rFactor:

1. Simply replace the original file in ferrari.mas (back this file up first!). In the MAS utility go to Edit | Add Files and select your newly edited FE_CP_COMMON.DDS file. Save the ferrari.mas file.

Whilst very simple, this means that all Ferraris will have your new cockpit colour.


2. Edit the ferrari.gen file (it's a text file so can be edited in Notepad) in rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\GP79\Ferrari and add the line
immediately above the
entry. Place your edited FE_CP_COMMON.dds in the same folder as your .veh file (eg rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\GP79\Unrestricted\06_Ferrari for the Unrestricted mod).

This is also very simple and whilst it is a good method if you have your own custom team it isn't so suitable if you are racing using one of the standard GP79 cars since the car of the other driver in the team will also have the new cockpit colour so effectively the same problem as with option 1.

3. place a copy of the ferrari.gen file in the same folder as your .veh file and edit this copy as above. Edit the .veh file so that
Again, place FE_CP_COMMON.dds in the same folder as your .veh file.

This guarantees that your car, and your car alone, will have the new cockpit colour.

If you are using the standard GP79 Historic, Unrestricted or League Edition mods, then the 3rd option is probably the neatest as it will only affect the actual car you are driving. For Legends League drivers using the TWF1 Spring 08 mod the 2nd option is recommended - you will need to place the edited cockpit file in rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\GP79\TWF1_79\Registered\<your name>

Caution The above has been tested online without any mismatches. However you are very strongly advised to back up any files that you alter so that you can quickly undo the changes if there should be a problem.

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