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A short bit about tire wear in the F1979 mod rfactor cars

The QF, soft and hard wear in the same nature (more on that shortly):
All values from the Goodyear tires:

the QF front have: 0.00437966555
the QF rear have: 0.0033689735

the soft front have: 0.00164138754
the soft rear have: 0.00150460524

the hard front have: 0.00127663475
the hard rear have: 0.00113985246

This is how fast the tires will wear overall for any given scrub off. This is a constant.
Not Factored in 7x wear we drive in our season now, for 7x wear they wear away 7x faster.

You can see that the hard tires will last a bit longer, but not in huge amounts, while qf's will wear about whole lot more.
The rears also wear quicker away, which is important factor for driving and setups.
Less hard accelerations, more grip at the rear (wing) and slightly longer gearing will safe them better.

So now lets move on to the wear rate over time:
rfactor distinguishes between the Lateral/longitudinal wear.

From the tire file:
Wear Grip 1 =(0.989,0.981,0.9745,0.9715,0.969,0.967,0.9655,0.9645)
Wear Grip 2 =(0.964,0.9638,0.963,0.961,0.9535,0.936,0.850,0.775)

These 8 factors show how the tires wear in their lifetime. Omitted is the first, 100% grip and last 0% grip (i guess).
(Might be these factors stretch from 0 to 100 wear. Not sure about that.)

You can see a slight drop from the beginning to the end, but its quite gradual.

Lets have a look at that in graph form:

The second weargrip2 (green) shows that you loose quite a bit more grip in the end of the life of the tire;
The wear nearly quadruples, which feels quite drastic when you accelerate/brake. But there's still 77% grip there.

So this explains why the tires will hold grip for about 80% of their lifetime. Even with the wear to over 80%
they still have very good lateral and ok longitudinal grip, but after that they go fast.

If you try with 7x wear to drive the QF for some laps you can see that effect well. The grip is there all the time
and then they suddenly go flat. rfactor shows them green very short, then yellow for a long time
and turns them red at 80% wear (i think). One can pretty much run them just to the last red dot.

A rule of thumb is, if you hear skidding, they wear. it goes from no noise to scrubbing, to skidding to screeching.
Scrubbing is usually not that drastic on wear, but skidding in turns or acceleration wears them a bit.

Many factors go in the end equation, heat, wear rate, pressure, the amount of acceleration they have to endure etc.,
this all factors in. But mainly sliding them under load, be it accelerating hard, locking up or turning in with down force
will wear them quicker.

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Article written by Mario Wojahn

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