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Backup rFactor the following way:

To backup your trymedia file so you don't need to re-activate rFactor after a fresh installation go to:

List of essential backups before uninstalling rFactor or OS:

It is possible to backup your entire rFactor folder and paste it into a new partition or fresh OS installation.
However we advise you to get the latest version from rfactor.net and install it to minimize oddity's in game performance.
Also ISI can provide us with versions that require a full installation or an update. Please make sure you know what to do by following ISI's instructions in this matter.

Paste your backups as listed above into your fresh game (including the trymedia folder) and you are good to go.

As with any game it is most important to have a game that runs smooth. In most games and surtainly rfactor the lighter the game is, the better.
In other words, when doing a fresh install and having your backups ready, keep in mind that although the location-folder could be pasted into a new rfactor installation you probably will not use most of the tracks in that folder but it will clutter rfactor right away.

Backing up other folders (like vehicles or Gamedata) is not recommended (to be used for a fresh install) as you would most likely be backing up only parts of mods.

As far as smooth games go, some people go as far as to have 2 installments of rfactor in different Partitions or HDD's. One ripped install with a minimum of files (mostly used for league racing) and one installment to try out new stuff with. (new mods, tweaks,tracks,etc)
But be aware that multiple installs of rFactor could effect the game performance and/or the way rFactor deals with data distribution so best not have 2 games on one HDD.

Also do not forget to backup any custom files like skins you made or high res graphics added to tracks etc.
(Legends members wont have to backup any league-related custom skins as they are available through our site)

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