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The Internet is full of mods and downloads for rFactor. However we would like to point to one location in particularly.
rfactorcentral.com is the place to be for all your mods, tracks, game tweaks, admin tweaks, events, video's, skins etc.

Note: official Legends League mod & track downloads are always distributed or linked through our main site and/or announcements

Installation of mods:

Basically there are 3 ways to install a mod into rFactor.

  1. it is an .exe file which will do the job for you, simply double click the .exe and follow instructions.
  2. it is a .zip file which needs to be extracted to the root folder of rFactor.
  3. it is a zip file but you unzip it first to a temp. folder and copy/paste its content into rFactor manually (recommended)

Please make sure you have read any readme files that have come with the mods before you take any actions.

The reason we recommend installing from a .zip manually is because not all mod-creators have good knowledge of file distribution and you risk messing up your rFactor file-structure.

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