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Installation and Configuration

The initial rFactor installation will give you a free to use Demo.
In order to fully appreciate rFactor you need to purchase it directly or using a pre-order coupon.

Once bought you are ready to setup your game:
Go to your rFactor root-folder and double click the rF Config.exe. Here you can define the game settings which ideally should reflect your PC's configuration and performance.

Next step is to start the game and create a driver in rFactor. (for Legends members this should be your real name)
Now browse through the settings within rFactor and configure your game:

In order to fully enjoy your replays go to the Control/ReplayFridge section and max everything out.
Replays are now saved automatically but be aware that after every session replays get over written so Hotlaps you want to keep need to be renamed manually.

Once you have checked everything is OK in-game you might want to go online.
The join button will provide you with the server list.
The Create button gives you the opportunity to create and host games which others can join.
The settings button will setup such a game. Please take note that you have to set Announce Matchmaker to yes so that your game will be on display in the server list.

Advanced Configuration

Many of the available options within rFactor are hidden away in various files. The most important of these are:

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