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Ideal Lines

You can browse the web for hours on this subject, many articles and video's to be found, help yourself! (we link to them as well)
But here we try to get started from scratch and build up from there. It wont be for any specific sim either, most if not all techniques are universal in racing.

And when going minimalistic it all starts with the very basics:

Hugging the Curbs

Your inner tires and the curbs (or inside of any turn when curbs are absent) on apex should be like 2 magnets constantly drawn to each other. Always try to hug the curb or go over it.
If there is plenty of space between your car and the curb/inside of a turn, you are probably not being efficient. The edges of a track -as far as you dare to take it- should always be aimed for.

So theoretically you want to enter as wide as possible (hug the curb in the ouside), squeeze towards the apex (hug curb on inside) and exit as wide as possible (hug curb on outside)

Ideal Lines

The next idea is to go as straight as possible all the time. straight lines give you more speed, more acceleration, more control.
So when for example approaching a chicane, imagine the straightest line through it. One could even ignore entry and curb hugging if:

Your exit line is good.
The Exit out of a corner is probably the most important consideration and determines the speed you carry to the next part. And remember, its that speed that makes your laps fast, not how good you take a turn but just how fast you are out of that turn.
Turns/chicanes/curbs/sand/grass....they are all just things that hold us back. In a perfect world we would all be on dragstrips for a 100% ideal line.

And that is where things could get complicated. There is no way to set up a car so that all turns are maximized. you will need to compromise.
Some people focus on turns they struggle with and nail them, others prefer the easy sections to maximize overall laptimes.

Brake too late and the ideal line/exit is gone.
Turn in too sharp/wide and the ideal line/exit is gone.

A good way to monitor your driving is asking yourself constantly whether or not any exit was fast enough. can you be faster? is it the lines? braking zone? the setup?
Try the Delta Best plugin to monitor yourself real-time.
On that same note try using the Transparent Trainer.

But despite what can be claimed about ideal lines, adding pictures of turns and an ideal line through it, it depends much more on what kind of car you are driving, your driving style and your setup.
No way a low downforce setup can produce the same lines as a high down force setup.
No way the a 60's F2 can produce the same lines/braking/throttle as the modern Williams JPHB1 F2.
A kamikaze driver whom likes a loose rear will produce different lines/exits then someone whom is trying to be super smooth.
In rf2 the tires are so important you might even need to adjust lines during one race, just because they are either fresh, worn out or overheated. It is still about maximum performance, no matter the conditions.

And of course there are small details of tire degradation, temps, brakes, fuel loads and race strategy. an ideal line should be optimal not just for hotlapping because when you found the perfect way of attacking the track but need to change for new tires every 10 laps....its still not ideal.

Restraint is probably the best tip overall, go slower, allow yourself some breathing space, build it up gradually. With that you will find ideal lines much faster and with that you will almost automatically start attacking sections more efficiently.


Related: Delta Best plugin - Transparent Trainer.

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