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We Typically run two championships that take place on alternate Sundays starting at 19:00 GMT. Both championships are run over 8 rounds with the best 7 results for each driver counting towards their championship points total.

TWF1 is our Grand Prix 79 series. It features weight handicapping to make the competition closer and uses its own mod to implement this. For our Autumn 2008 season we are running two divisions. Division 1 runs over 125 miles whilst Division 2 is over a shorter distance of 100 miles, has lower damage levels and uses versions of the cars with slightly less powerful engines making the division suitable for drivers with less experience or who have less time to practice.

TWFA uses the Atlantics mod. Each round has two races, a short Sprint race (~15 minutes) followed by a Feature race (~45 minutes). The grid for the Feature race is set for both races. All drivers must make a mandatory pit stop during the Feature race.

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