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Very usefull, even for experienced drivers.
Download the document here or read below.
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Legends League, June 3, 2007
rFactor comes with a PDF manual. It's in the Support folder in your main rFactor folder. It only shows you some options, not which ones to choose. That's what this document is for. Back up your PLR file or your entire rFactor installation, and get fiddling. None of the editing in this document will cause online mismatches


Setting up rFactor so you can drive relatively easy, is the first thing to get you started.

Go to the folder rFactor -> UserData -> [your name] and open the document [your name].PLR, using a text editor like Wordpad. Now you see all the settings.

Under 'Driving aids' set:
Auto Clutch="1"
Auto Lift="1"
Auto Blip="1"

Now you can change gears without lifting the throttle, which makes car control a lot easier! (The easier handling far outweighs the small weight penalty incurred in the GP79 mod)


Having a clear view makes driving a lot easier too. To get rid of (most of) the excessive headshaking, change in that same PLR file under 'Graphic options':

[4x] Cockpit vibration ="0.00000"
Lookahead Angle="0.00000"
Head Physics="0.00000"

The GP79 mod annoyingly introduces a lot of extra headshaking of it's own accord to 'simulate the bounciness of a single seater' which reduces visibility even further! To turn it off, go to the folder rFactor -> GameData -> Vehicles -> GP79. Inside each team's folder there is a CockpitVibrationMag=0.006 parameter in the COCKPITINFO.INI file. Turning this value to zero will elimate the extra shaking for that particular car. You will have to do this for every car you drive..

Now in rFactor go to the Customise -> Settings -> Controls screen, take a look at the list of MAPPINGS. Somewhere in there are keys assigned to move your SEAT fore and aft, up and down. Move your seat UP as far as you can, so as to improve your view of the track ahead.

Now you have to adjust your rear view MIRRORS too. Those same keys can be used to adjust the mirrors by holding the LEFT SHIFT KEY while using the seat adjustment keys.

The mirrors generally don't show much of a rear view. You can improve it considerably by using VIRTUAL MIRRORS. To see these from the cockpit view, edit your PLR file under Graphic options to set Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1".
Once in the cockpit, press 3 to cycle through the options.


While you're in the Controls screen, have a look at the SPEED SENSITIVITY.
It makes the car less skittish at high speeds when you set Speed Sensitivity to 40% or so.
In Controller 1 and 2, set AXIS sensitivity to 50% (that means 100% linear in rFactor!), and DEADZONE to zero or 1%.
Now the car should be driveable. Adjust all the other settings to your taste - all controllers are different. If you have a steering wheel, ignore the settings marked DIGITAL.

However, for the GP79 mod set Speed Sensitivity to ZERO (and increase the Steering Lock for these cars in the garage screen, or they still won't turn).

Now set FORCE FEEDBACK to High, not Full. The useless artificial vibration at Full masks all kinds of subtle movements that can provide useful information about the car's behaviour.

Alternatively, for the GP79 mod you can download Greger Huttu's Force Feedback file and try it for size:
Go to the folder rFactor -> UserData -> [your name], open the controller.ini file using Wordpad and overwrite the existing values with the downloaded ones. Of course you backed-up your original file first...


The L-key turns off the REV LIMITER after leaving the pits.

The 4-key (not F4, just 4) toggles the race POSITION DISPLAY. The line represents the lap you're on, and it shows the positions of all drivers relative to start/finish. When racing online, ALWAYS have this display turned on! It improves track awareness as you can see at a glance what cars are around you.

The 5-key toggles the tachometer, lap count and fuel display. It's the same as the LCD display on your steering wheel, just bigger.

The 6-key toggles the multi-purpose display. Again the same as on your steering wheel but now in a useful size. Cycle through all the screens by clicking ENTER. Better assign a BUTTON on your wheel to it. Have the multi-purpose display on at all times. Familiarize yourself with all of them, you will need it.

One of those screens is the tyre temperature screen. The GREEN dots indicate tyre wear.
The same screen also displays DAMAGE, that's the YELLOW dots near several parts of the car. RED dots indicate missing wings. Damage can be repaired by stopping at your pits.
In one of the other screens you can change the amount of fuel to be loaded, the front wing setting, yes or no tyre replacement (F/R), and yes or no damage repair.
Cycle through the optons with the up/down-keys, change amounts/actions with the left/right-keys.

TAB toggles on and off the driver name above the cars in front of you.

Assign a button on your wheel to the clutch. Assign buttons to look left and right.

F12 takes a screenshot.


Sitting in the car, Ctrl+F cycles through Frame Rate, Graphics Resources bar, both or none.

For good car control it is ESSENTIAL to have at least 50 FPS (frames per second) at all times. Even at moderate pace a race car will easily travel a yard in 1/50 second. The difference between hitting the dirt or just sticking to the tarmac is a usually lot smaller than that, so a high frame rate is no luxury at all.

To improve your frame rate, these measures are almost painless:
- reduce anti-aliasing
- reduce Player & opponent detail
- reduce anisotropic filtering to lowest acceptable level
- reduce Special effects
- reduce Shadows
- turn Auto Detail FPS on
- use a lower DX-level (even DX7 offers excellent graphics!)
- turn V-sync off in your videocard's settings
- lower your screen resolution

If you need help doing this, ask in the Legends Yahoo group
In the download section of our website there's more on this subject.


The final step to better car control and quicker laps. There's no magic bullit that will turn you into Michael Schumacher. And NOTHING can replace seat time and practice! But the wrong setup can make it hard to control the car.
The best thing you can do is ask for a setup in the Legends Yahoo group. Usually there are setups to be downloaded from our website too.

There's more to setting up a car than can be discussed here. On the website you will find links to set-up guides. But here are a few general steps you can take to decrease snap oversteer of your (GP79) car, especially under braking / entering slow corners:

- set the engine brake map to the highest value
- set the brake bias further forward
- use a gentle differential, for instance 30% or less power side, 50% coast side
- stiffen the front suspension (springs, anti-roll bar) and/or
- soften the rear suspension (springs, anti-roll bar)
- make the lower gears longer
- shift down later
- never use 1st gear (except to set the car in motion)
- be gentle on the brakes - and on the throttle for that matter


Finally give a thought to the car of your choice in the GP79 mod. Forget about looks or personal preferences for a while. If you're new to this sim, you want a car that is easy to control. In that case pick the Williams FW07 (it's an upgrade to the FW06), the Ligier or the Ferrari T4. The rest is trickier to drive.
After you've become faster and more experienced, you can always pick slower but still easy to drive all-rounders like the Lotus 79, Tyrrell or McLaren. Here's a relative ranking (by speed, not ease of driving!) of the availabe cars in the GP79 mod. Anything below the Alfa is considered hopeless:

Williams FW07 50
Ligier 45
Lotus 80 45
Ferrari T4 44
Renault RS12 43
Lotus 79 43
Brabham BT49 41
Renault RS11 39
Tyrrell 39
Brabham BT48 37
McLaren M29 37
Arrows A2 35
Wolf 35
Alfa Romeo 31
McLaren M28 29
Ferrari T3 26
Arrows A1 25
Williams FW06 23
Ensign N179 21
Rebaque 21
Fittipaldi 19
Renault RS01 19
Shadow DN9 17
ATS 10
Merzario 10
Ensign N177 5

To drive a car online, you have to BUY it in the Vehicle selection screen. Also buy the upgrade you want, and install the proper skin from the same screen.
To acquire 'money' type ISI_BABYFACTORY in the chatline of a race screen. Type Enter and exit the event. Now you're rich. You have to do this for every mod.

Another GP79 specific tip: set Relative Fuel Strategy="1" in the .plr file under
Game options, otherwise A pitstop for tyres will result in fuel being taken out of the tank (refuelling during pitstops is not possible).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on our forums.

Legends League - www.legends-league.com - Simracing since 1993

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