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Early Days

The Legends League may well be the oldest still active simracing league in the world. Its origins lie in the SPRTSMS forum of Compuserve, when a group of racing enthusiasts founded F1SA (Formula 1 Simulators Association) - to keep their messages apart from the golf simmers!

That was in 1993, when HTML, email and the world wide web were largely unknown. We raced F1GP (known as World Circuit in the USA and Canada) and GP2 by Microprose, and Indycar Racing 2 by Papyrus. Mostly with keyboard or joystick, wheels and pedals being rare in those days. Consequently very few people managed to race without driving aids, those that did were called Water Walkers. And oh yes, the racing was done offline exclusively. Multiplayer didnít exist. It was basically a hot lapping competition, as well as full length off-line racing against the AI and then comparing authenticated race times to decide the league's human (and alien even then!) winners.

Grand Prix Legends

All that changed on October 9, 1998, when simracing took a giant leap: Papyrus introduced Grand Prix Legends. This sim featured a sophisticated physics model and, even more important, multiplayer racing over the internet.

In 1999, one of its beta-testers and distinguished member of F1SA, Joachim Trensz, ported the whole community to e-Goups (now Yahoo groups) and re-baptized it to Legends League. We no longer use GPL, but the name will remain. It doesnít reflect the quality of our driving but our origins.
Here's an early website that we used circa 1999. See what we looked like when in our online infancy and before we had quite so many grey hairs (or for some of us - when we had hair!).


Grand Prix Legends was succeeded, after a few years of low league activity, by the Trans-Am mod for Papyrusí Nascar Racing 2003. The physics and the racing were good, but the tin-topped cars didnít spark much enthusiasm. After a brief spell of frantic racing the league turned dormant once again.

In September 2005 ISI sent a wake-up call: rFactor turned out to be another step up in realism. When the F3 Euroseries mod was added, we were wide awake. These were easily the best simulated open wheelers we had ever driven! The Legends Trans World Formula 3 championship (or TWF3) was organized. When the GP79 mod for rFactor came out, the Trans World Formula 1 championship (or TWF1) was added. Matters concerning both championships are presented under the TWFR banner, Trans World Formula Racing.

Well into late 2013 we kept adding season after season in rFactor. For TWF1 it became a massive 12 seasons in a row with allot of drivers joining us because of this, one of the few Leagues left using this excellent mod.
The mirror slot was taken by various championships using F3, Toyota Atlantics, Formula BMW, F171, F1 67, V8Supercars.
Until it became clear rFactor had served us well but it was slowly deign out


During all the rFactor violence we also dipped our toe's into organised iracing championships, much in the same manner as per usual, our own tables and ladders using the hosted server system.
It was reasonably successful for 2 years (8 championships) but it became clear the system iracing uses was not favourable to external systems and that too slowly diminished with some hardcore members still active today.

The Future

Currently we are diving into rFactor2 with single events and aiming towards full blown championships in the near future.
Sadly the gap that was created with the diminish of older sims and the not-quite-ready new sims created a lull in the user base with members fading away bit by bit.
There are other sims with potential on the horizon and it remains the be seen which direction we will take this time, possibly multiple direction!

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