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Basic Knowledge for driving the GP79 cars


GP79 offers 3 different tires, soft, hard and qualifying.
Most drivers, will be using soft tires for a race duration as they are well capable of lasting from start to finish. this changes per season in Legends, check you current season/format

Qualifying tires are to be used only for that purpose. They dont last long, depending on the track caracteristic's 2 or 3 laps including the outlap.
They are faster but it is not set in stone that they allways will be faster. sometimes it just dont work and softs could be the better choice.

For more information on tires please go to: The Tire Wear Tutorial and GP79 Tire Wear


The engines in this mod, much like the real ones, tend to overheat quite easily and if not nurtured correctly blow up in smoke.

To prevent this from happening you should not:
Rev the engine on formation laps
Rev the engine at starts
Ignore warnings about heating issues because you dont want to compromise your race pace
Try to get out of a sand trap or otherwise as quickly as possible, it will most likely cost you your engine after a few turns when made it back to the track

And you should:
Make sure your radiator size is big enough for cooling. size1 for quali is often good, in races it should be from 2 up to 4 (3 beeing the most used setting)
Drive in higher gears during formation laps and when racing with heating issues
Drive slower when heating issues occur.

These cars are all different in usage. The renault blow up easily, the Mclaren can use smaller radiators, the Renaults and Ferrari's use more fuel etc.
Be sure you know what you are working with.
Be sure you dont get in trouble driving a full race after having flawlessly practised during the week with 5 lap races. there is a big difference.

Your choice

The type of car you choose will effect your driving.
Meaning a specific car can do well on one track and have great disatvantages on other tracks. Be aware of this because the difference's can be rather big depending on your driving style and preferences.
Wanting too much when things dont add up often result in incidents and early exit's.

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