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Official Race Servers

Legends League makes use of servers kindly donated by Team7. These servers are located in a server farm operated by GamesClan which is in Italy.

You can view the action on the official servers by visiting our Live Scoring page.

Server 1

This server is used for:

The server IP address is

Server 2

This server is used for:

The server IP address is

Practice Servers

Practice severs should always be available for the next official Legends League event and usually also for the one after that.

Practice servers will all have names starting with "Legends-League.com".

The following people typically run servers:
Server Who? Where?
Legends-League.com Rik Rik Walker England
Legends-League.com TH Ray Walton Thailand
Legends-League.com Mark Mark Fisher England
Legends-League.com HH Henrik Sweden

All of these servers send their results to 'AutoBrother' which collates the lap times and displays the fastest lap time recorded for each driver.

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