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1. REJOINING THE TRACK. One of the major causes of serious accidents and one that can easily be avoided if you follow the advice here. When you rejoin the track after an off only do so whilst moving in a forward direction, NEVER REVERSE ONTO THE TRACK unless there is no other option. MOST IMPORTANTLY though is that you ensure first that there are NO other cars approaching the particular area of the track that you are about to join. This is much easier to do if you ensure that you have the in-cockpit linear track display enabled and showing at the bottom of your in-cockpit screen; if you have not got this enabled then switch it on from the cockpit by just hitting the "4" key - NOT the one on the numeric key pad. ( If you have not done so already you may also like to try hitting the "5" and "6" key similarly to get a more easily viewed tachometer and the information screens which you can cycle through, as these quick easy to read displays all add to track safety. )

2. BLUE FLAGS and LAPPING/UNLAPPING. Please carefully observe the blue flags shown to you and ensure that cars lapping you can do so safely. One important point is where otherwise faster drivers who have had an earlier accident are a lap down and trying to unlap themselves. When approaching slower drivers who are a lap ahead remember THEY have the track position and you MUST ensure that you pass them safely and cleanly and ONLY if you are sure that you have the power and extra speed to be able to do so. In such cases it is of course NOT up to them to give you an easy unlapping pass. We have observed some poor driving in this respect from some of our "alien" drivers who are not used to being lapped or indeed of unlapping themselves, so please take more care with this part of your racing.

3. TERMINALLY PARKING YOUR CAR. It is very important that when your race is over you MUST hit the Esc key and return to the garage. NEVER park you car anywhere alongside the track and leave it there, this is not only very distracting to other drivers but also can cause unnecessary yellow flags, which can of course end up affecting the outcome of the race with possible missed overtaking opportunities.

4. OVER AGGRESSIVE DRIVING ON LAP 1. Most of our drivers now drive very conservatively and safely off of the grid and particularly into the first couple of corners to ensure that most if not all cars get cleanly through this dangerous stage of the racing. It is not appreciated though when one or two drivers just take advantage of the considerate behaviour of others and just barge on through often three wide and frequently causing innocent drivers to have often terminal accidents and their evenings racing ruined. Other than tracks like Monaco (and we have none that fit into that category this season) you do not win the race on Lap 1, so please respect all the other cars around you as you leave the grid and only overtake on this first tightly packed lap if you are sure you can do so safely, this is more important with the restricted peripheral vision we have to endure with on-line sim racing than in the real world. Wild dangerous driving off of the grid and into those first few corners will be liable to penalties being applied so please note that you have been warned.

5. SLOW DOWN A LITTLE. A lot of incidents (mostly single car ones) are a direct result of drivers simply driving too fast for their ability. Realistically, drivers should be racing at a speed at which they fully expect to be able to complete the race without a single spin. As it is most of us seem to expect to have a few offs every race. That approach would never work in real life unless the driver was incredibly rich to be able to afford frequent repairs or if he had a team paying for it ( but then they would fire him surely! ). So slow down a little and you may well find you are faster, good advice we all need to take especially with the powerful TWF1 cars which lets face it were built for the very cream of drivers in their day. So the tip is "slow down to go faster".

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