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Hmmm, where to start?

Born in 1963, an excellent vintage, in the UK never went to college or uni I just wanted to get earning some money and put petrol in my motorcycle, much to the disappointment of my parents at the time, now married for 25 years with two grown children, one left home the other in the last year of college. Love my motorcycles, love my fishing, would love to have a fast car but the roads are too frustrating, best car I test drove was a Mazda RX8, nearly bought it on the spot, what a handling car, pretty quick too.

In 1984 my wife of one year made a huge mistake and bought me a ZX Spectrum for Christmas, I have been a computer addict ever since, discovering a Nigel Mansell sim on my amiga sometime then buying a PC in 1990 and finding F1GP in the shops really started my sim racing career, together with a rather slow modem and compuserve account.

Joining the SPRTSIM forum on compuserve in 1994 it was 1995 until I got the nerve up to join the big boys and joined F1SA and NCAR, at that time a young chap called Ray Walton was at HQ who wrote particularly long posts. Off line full length GP races on F1GP, a team mate Jay Goss who lived in Hawaii (still exchange Xmas cards), another team mate in NCAR Trevor Thomas (sadly passed away couple of years ago) who developed and sold the TSW wheel.

Bought my TSW in 1997 and retired it last year 2007, it still works fine just has a game port though rather restricting its use, the wheel made a lot of difference especially in Nascar, which was about the time Richard Walker and I got into trying online racing with it including the null modem aspect taking it in turns to ring each other and race over the phone. Lots of frustrating online races with papyrus' system and TEN then along came GPL and this encouraged me to hold the first F1SA LAN party at my house in 1998, we had been racing together for several years and finally all met for a few beers and the new found hobby of getting computers on a BNC LAN to talk to each other. When it worked it was the first time we ran GPL with 8 cars on the track at once, it was a miracle, no LAG. The online GPL stuff kept going we left CIS and became legends, the rules changed and races became fixed nights which excluded me totally due to the nature of my shift work and for the next 6 years or so I hung around on the side lines joining in occasionally.

Now with a G25, an agreeable shift pattern, I was back, before I even got a race under my belt Ray approached me to run the F3's, and here I am now, running the show allegedly, back in Brain Fade Racing, a team for whom I have driven in the dim distance past with Rik. Phil my last season partner joins me to make up the trio. My second placement in HQ in 12 years, lets see how it goes this time.

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