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Legends League (sim)Racing Guide

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This racing guide is a project by Legends League members attempting to create a guide for (sim)racing in general. Covering the most basic to the more advanced techniques. sharing wisdom, hints and tips, linking to useful information and offering separate sections for sim/mod specific knowledge.

Note: some points and arguments may return in multiple articles. This to make sure these points do not get lost when people are just reading single articles.


  • Advanced Driving Techniques n/a: show this item further down guide, after other basics have been covered
    • Trail Braking & Braking techniques
    • Defensive driving
    • Situational awareness
    • Practise makes perfect
    • Slipstreaming

  • Sim and Mod specific guides



  • Main Categories

  • Legends League General Guidelines and code of conducts

    Information designed specifically for Legends League but with value for general racing/league racing as well
    Legends Race Etiquette
    Stewards Penalty Guide
    Competition Licence
    The legends Racers Association Platform where racing issues are discussed, finalized and brought into the General Rules

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