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Richard "Rik" Walker is the current Legends League Technical Director.

Richard joined F1SA in 1996 when Grand Prix 2 was released. He also competed in the Indycar Racing 2 and NASCAR Racing 2 leagues that were run alongside F1SA on the Compuserve forums. He was an active member of the first few Legends seasons running Grand Prix Legends and later with the Nascar Racing 2000 Trans-Am mod. After a few years in semi-retirement he once again became an active sim racer when Legends League was relaunched running rFactor. Having generally made a nuisance of himself, Ray Walton invited him to join the admin team first as Technical Director and then as TWF1 Race Director and after a brief spell as Managing Director is now back in the Technical Director role.

Richard is usually 'Richard' in real life but started calling himself 'Rik' on computers back in the days when high score tables only allowed players to be identified by 3 letters (can you tell that memory was expensive then!?!). 'Rik' seems to be taking over from 'Richard' these days - maybe as a result of the decrease of his own memory capacity....

Richard lives in the county of Cheshire in England (about 25 miles south of Manchester) with his wife, Estelle, and various cats.

Currently Driving

TWF1 - member of Brain Fade Racing along with Mark Fisher and Philippe Marot
Brain Fade Team 7 Brabham BT49

Rik's F3 Euro car

Legends League Results

Winner, TWF1 Spring 2008 season
2nd place, TWF1 Autumn 2007 season
2nd place, TWF1 Spring 2007 season

Winner, TWFJ combined championship, Autumn 2007
Winner, TWFR combined championship, Spring 2007

2nd place, TWF3 Spring 2008 season
3rd place, TWF3 Autumn 2007 season
2nd place, TWF3 Spring 2007 season
3rd place, TWF3 Autumn 2006 season
3rd place, TWF3 Spring 2006 season

Winner of the LTCC Summer 2007 trophy as member of RCee Racing

Winner, F1 Class, AWESOME 2007

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