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This is an old revision of TroubleshootingrFactor made by PedroNeto on 2008-10-31 03:51:13.
If your rFactor instalation was okay and now is not, check below if something looks like your problem:

Instead of starting normally, an Internet Explorer window appears saying it cannot connect to the internet
rFactor licencing system is trying to connect to the internet but for some reason it can't.
  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Check if your system time and date are correct

  1. Set your system date to one year ahead and click "apply"
  2. Start rFactor, there should be no internet explorer window appearing. As rFactor starts set the date to the current year and click "apply" -> Problem should be solved.

Instead of starting normally, a window appears saying "Missing Information"
rFactor licencing system is cross checking your system with the licence information, but is finding an error.
  1. Check if your system time and date are correct
Apart from the system time and date which have to be correctly set, rFactor licencing system also checks the MAC Address of the device you used to connect to the internet when the licence file was generated.
If you changed your ethernet or wireless hardware you will probably get this error.
You can either:

MAC Address changing procedure:

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