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Editors wanted

League members can opt for an editor account using their login credentials.

For the rfactor2 Wiki we are looking for editors up for the task of dedicating themselves to single or multiple articles/topics.
Apply for a role by contacting us but be aware that we are likely to ask for some sort of credentials or connections to people in our community and/or over at ISI forums.
The wish to help is appreciated but one has to be at least knowledgeable or informed on a subject.

It is also possible to send us dedicated information which we then will implement into the Wiki. with proper credits of course. Questionable content or sources might be removed/rejected
It is preferable that any info comes with links to its source. A forum post for example would be great so there is less updating to do in the wiki as a linked forum post/thread/blog would be updated by the owner itself keeping it nice and up to date.

Contact us - pm at ISI

Don't want to become an Editor but still want to share?
Use Pastebin or Filedump to upload/create your infodumps, copy the link you just created and send it to us.
Emails with attachments will be removed unopened.

Password reminder

Enter your WikiName and a password reminder will be sent to your registered email address.


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