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rFactor Tire Wear Tutorial


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To keep an element of strategy/realism regarding races and strategy, Legends League currently runs 7x tire wear. That is far less scary than it sounds, however it does mean that drivers need a good understanding of their tires, and of the tire wear and strategy options at each track. As with everything to do with racing, putting more effort in will get more results out. Testing driving more laps will improve laptime, and similarly putting some work into pit-stop strategy or tire wear will yield the best information and results.

Fortunately it takes much less effort to understand tires than to learn to drive quickly!

Along with aero / ground effect, tires are THE most critical thing to get right - they are the only part of the car in contact with the road, and are 100% responsible for transferring your steering, throttle and brake through the car into the road so that the car does what you want. It's well worth getting them right.

There are three things we need;
Firstly we need to understand what kind of tires the mod designer has given us
Secondly we need to measure how our driving is affecting those tires.
Finally we need to use that information to make a strategy.

This is much easier than it sounds - once we have confirmed the type of tires, after that we just need to check the wear at each track and make a strategy. I personally spend ten or fifteen minutes on that (compared to far longer for practice laps, club etc!). This article expains that process, and hopefully makes it easier for everyone to get similar info.

So, let's look at how to dig into RFactor and understand what kind of tires the mod designer has given us.

page2: Investigate the mod

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Articles written by John Wallace

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