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Artificial Intelligence - AI

AI in rf2 seems to be pretty good!
But there are some things to consider when racing AI:

By default its the track creator whom sets the paths of AI for that particular track. And since modders are only humans with different skillsets or even available time, it might not always be optimal. related thread
So AI behaviour could differ from track to track.

Your in-game AI aggression & strength determines how they will behave and finding the right values is important. You would want to find the sweetspot that makes the AI perform relative to your abilities.
AI do not use the same physics tires and setups as you! Keep this in mind, your are driving under artificial conditions.

Yellow Line
That is the recommended aggression for the AI for the selected series. If you want cleaner racing drop the slider below this line.
might not always show [unknown] and might not show in custom UI's

So preferably, when setting up an offline championship or series for yourself you will need to start testing tracks and keep notes on AI so your races are optimal.

It has been reported that a certain amount of AI cars (20+?) can make them behave weird. If you encounter this, reduce the amount of AI cars.

AI entries in your Userdata/player/player.PLR file tweak them like a madman and see what happens. Make notes of default values just in case.

[ game options ]

GPRIX AI Driver Strength="100" // 100 should approximate real life
MULTI AI Driver Strength="95"
AI Power Calibration="7" // Adjustments with AI strength (0=none, or add the following: 1=power, 2=gearing, 4=fuel)
AI Fuel Mult="0.99000" // Additional fuel multiplier for AIs because of their driving style
AI Brake_Power Usage="0.98000" // Fraction of theoretical brake power that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Brake_Grip Usage="0.97250" // Fraction of theoretical brake grip that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Corner_Grip Usage="0.97000" // Fraction of theoretical cornering grip that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Max Load="40000.00000" // Maximum total load to set up theoretical performance tables (can be overrode in HDV)
AI Min Radius="20.00000" // Minimum radius turn to set up theoretical performance tables (can be overrode in HDV)
Auto Line Smoothing="0" // bit field where 1 = fastest line, 2 = left, 4 = right, and so on; add up each path's value you want to smooth for this parameter; note this causes multiplayer join lag! 

Autocalibrate AI Mode="0" // When in a test day with 1 AI, AI will attempt to perfect his driving line, and save his knowledge for future use
AI Calibrate Sample Size="5" // When AI calibration is set to 2, this is the number of trials the AI should run while testing each parameter.  bigger # == larger file size of saved data

Ghost AI="0" // If 1, AI car will ignore others and be uncollidable.  disabled for standard builds

Fixed AI Setups="0" // whether AI use the fixed setups, only applicable if "Fixed Setups" is also enabled (and can be used in single player to have the AIs use your favorite setup)

AI Logic Override="0" // use bitfields to disable certain AI behaviors. 1= blocking line
AI Limiter="0.25000" // Range: 0.0 (no limiting) - 1.0 (limiting used to make racing closer but also make more driver differences on flat-out tracks)
AI Mistakes="0.00000" // a range of (intentional) AI mistakes from 0.0 (none) to 1.0 (sometimes).  Anything above 1.0 multiplies the frequency
AI Aggression="0.66154"

There is a plugin for Security and performance under development which seems to be related. Possibly a good addition to offline championships.


related: Notepad++ Edit ini, .PLR, HDV files and more.

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