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Admin Commands for servers only

Not much has changed since rfactor1!

Login as admin on your server using the password setup in your dedicated server window or in the MP.ini file. type a command in the chat window and feel the unlimited power go to your head.

Here's the list:
Some items are already available as buttons within rf2 and also available for users when voting or other.

/admin [take over administrator (wrong or no password = stop being administrator)] when set in mp.ini logging in as admin cancels user-voting
/vote yes [same as pressing YES button]
/vote no [same as pressing NO button]
/ping [same as pressing button]
/w [whisper to given player - can be just the first few letters of player's name if they are unique]
/whisper [same functionality as "/w" ] whispers are not seen by other users

/callvote nextsession [proceeds to next session (practice to qual, for example)]
/callvote nextrace [proceeds to next event in dedicated server track list]
/callvote event [proceeds to given event (such as "24 Hours of Toban" or "Spa")]
/callvote restartrace [restarts the race]
/callvote restartwarmup [client request to go to the beginning of warmup]
/restartwarmup [admin/server command to go to the beginning of warmup]
/callvote restartweekend [goes back to practice]
/callvote addai [adds 1 AI]
/callvote add5ai [adds 5 AI]

/callvote kick [kick specified player out of race]
/callvote ban [bans specified player from server] When a driver was banned you can find their entry in Userdata/bans.txt. simply remove or add ip's.
/dq drivername [disqualifies driver]
/undq drivername [removes an unwanted DQ]
/restartwarmup [encase drivers disco just before the race] server will remember qualifying positions! Even works when race already started

/editgrid [admin command to move the specified player to the given position on the grid - note that you should do the grid from first to last or you may fail to achieve the expected results] or use a batch file
/batch [used to execute batchfile commands]
/setmass [admin/server command to apply a penalty mass (0-255 kg) to the specified player with immediate effect, lasting for the rest of the weekend]
/racelength [] [admin/server command changes the race length for the next race: =0 sets a % length race, =1 sets a -lap race, =2 sets a -minute (timed) race, =3 sets a -lap and -minute race]
/changelaps [admin/server command to adjust the number of completed laps (-10 to +10) to the specified player for the purpose of allowing live stewards' input into the game's scoring system]
/addpenalty [admin/server command adds a penalty to the given player. The following are valid values for : -2=longest line, -1=drive-thru, 0-60=stop/go penalty number of seconds]
/subpenalty [admin/server command removes a penalty from the given player. The following are valid values for : 0=remove one stop/go penalty, 1=remove one drive-thru penalty, 2=remove one longest line penalty, 3=remove all penalties]

/throwyellow [] [admin/server command starts a full-course caution for the given number of laps (must be at least 2). If laps is not given, normal randomized value will apply]
/clearyellow [admin/server command nds a full-course caution as soon as possible, regardless of the planned number of laps]

/shutdownserver [admin command tells a dedicated server to exit immediately]
/set upload [change upload speed (works on own machine only, administrator can't change server's upload at this time)]
/set download [change download speed (same as above)]
/set nagle <0 or 1> [can only be done on server - specifies whether questionable Nagle TCP algorithm is used]
/set warp <0.1 - 3.0> [in future, will affect voicechat. The warp connotation comes from the period of time to take in between sending each voice packet. 1.0 is the default]

Some commands do not work in certain sessions. For example a gridedit from Batch, only works in a Warmup session
Changing lapcount with /racelength will not show the new lapcount until the session has changed. (or warmup refresh)

The proper line to change from 10 laps to 20 laps for example is: /racelength 1 20
/racelength 20 will do nothing.


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