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Backup files before doing a fresh install

Backup your Packages folder with all its content (or make sure it was already stored safely)
After a fresh install you can now simply put all of the contents back and use the Mod Manager to install them again.

Backup your entire Userdata folder for it can contain important files.
In case you prefer to backup those files individually the important ones are stored in:
Log/Results: (your xml files (results) and for some gridedit.ini/mass.ini/other custom files
Player: Controller.ini/Multiplayer.ini/player.PLR (note that these are mainly to be used for reference on old settings, not recommended to dump them into a new install as its newer ini files might contain updated entries. (so manually port over your preferred tweaks)
Player/Settings: Here are your setups stored (!!) and also rubber files, custom Skins and Virtual Cars.
Replays: The Replays, Hotlaps and possible server replays.
Screenshots often forgotten and then regretted for not having stored.


rf2 Credentials: When uninstalling rf2 on the same Hardware/OS your credentials will remain untouched. rf2 will not delete them so you will be logged in as per usual after re-installing.
Location: The rf2 Credentials are located in Windows 7/Users/name/Appdata/Roaming and is a folder called .rFactor

There will no doubt also be 3rd party files to be taken care of. Best routine is when you download special content is to first store them in a separate folder outside rf2 and then install them. This way you don't have to keep up with what to check before uninstalling rf2. Because in time it can get pretty crowded.

That's about it really.


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