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Setup rFactor2

Items covered in this article: Configure Sim - Single Player - Multiplayer - Settings - Display - Controls - Audio - Video Res - Difficulty - Replays - Customize

So you've purchased and installed rFactor 2 and are now officially a simracer and ready to race. Well, hold your horses, you first got to familiarise yourself a bit first.

If you installed the Lite version you will not be able to race anyways heh! And with Core content is limited as well.
So whilst you are downloading ISI's excellent car & tracks you might want to check out how rfactor2 actually works.

Double click the rf2 icon and you will be greeted by the launcher. You have Single Player, Multiplayer and Developer. Both SP & MP should lightup and be accessible, plus it will welcome you under the name you registered. If that does not happen you messed up bigtime and need to troubleshoot.
Developer is for those whom create content for rf2 and if you are not one of them, ignore it. If you are you need to separately install it.

Main Launcher

Open Single Player: At the bottom of your main screen in rf2 there are some additional options:

The Tabs in the Launcher

Tip of the day:
You will notice that each time you select 'list view' in Series/Vehicles/Tracks it will not stay in list view but go's back to Tile-view once you exit/enter rf2.
Go to Userdata/player and open player.PLR as a text file or with Notepad+ + and find UI State="59" (or whatever number) and change it to 0

Note that when you update to a new build this might default back.


Related files: Notepad++

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