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Weight Penalties server only

Sign in as admin and type:
/setmass 75 Tim Wheatley will give Tim 75KG's on his car for the remaining of the weekend.
/setmass 0 Tim Wheatley would clear him again

Using a Batch file:
Place a txt file in Userdata/player/Log/Results and name it mass.ini
Place drivers and their individual weight into the ini file.
Sign in as Admin and type:
/batch Mass.ini

// double forward slash + text can be used for reminders, it will be ignored upon batch command.
/setmass 185 Tim Wheatley
/setmass 145 Gjon Gmaj
/setmass 40 Indira Ghandi
/setmass 26 Denstjiro Ganriu
/setmass 25 Flo Rida
/setmass 16 Wayne Kerr
/setmass 05 John Kerr

Now all drivers on the server and in the list will all get their weights assigned.

Warning: Different cars react differently to different weights. Too much weight could completely break the mod itself so some (intensive) testing would be advised.
TIP: when in a trusted environment and/or when using practise profiles and race profiles, you could give out the admin password so members can manually add their weight themselves when no admins are present.

How to know weight was added by an admin?

You should see weight being added in the chat window.
You can also see the weight added in Liveracers/results
And finally in the xml file (userdata/log/results) for practise or qualifying/race. search for the terms penalty mass applied


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