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Dedicated Server or host its the same difference

A Dedicated Server is an external machine (usually rented) running the sim 24/7.
Host is your local rf2 sim hosting a game, (often referred to as Quick-host) usually for just a few hours.

They are the same thing. Gone are the days of private hosting as with rf1. The obvious difference is that with a Dedicated Server you are going to need external access.
The other main difference is bandwidth, Dedicated servers normally have more and can host larger grids then a local machine would.

Installing and setup

It works the same as your local sim. you need to have remote access to the Dedicated Serverbox, install Rf2 Lite, upload mods & tracks, install them, etc. etc.
remote access will differ from host to host, some will have full control, others only ftp, or less.
The dedicated server will work without having to login as a user.

In order to start a server you first need to create a vmod which will contain the mod(s), track(s) and optional files. More on vmods below.

Check & Troubleshoot

When the server is running it should say matcher status: Server added Successfully and have an ID (Example)
Check if your server is online by starting rf2 Multiplayer or in the Matchmaker List

When the server does not show in the browser you need to double check in the server Multiplayer.ini if:
Announce Host="1" / Whether servers will attempt to register with the matchmaking service is set to 1 indeed. should be by default


Because ftp is usually the main tool for uploading to the dedicated machine it would make sense to have your rf2 Data folder set to:
Drive:\rFactor2\Packages\ As apposed to documents.

There is a wide range of additional settings in both the Multiplayer.ini and the player.PLR
From how many practise sessions are going to happen to how drivers exit the track, Parc Ferme settings and much much more. Worth checking out.


Related Files: Core FTP l Cute FTP l VNC remote desktop l Notepad++ Edit ini, .PLR, HDV files and more.

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