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rf2 Wiki Disclaimer

We intend to update this wiki as much as possible, preferably per-build.
However we cannot fully rely on ISI's capabilities to inform us all of what actually has changed or was added/removed (or what they think is important or not) There have been quite a few surprises and question marks already in that regard.
So whilst we will try our best, we will not be scanning every single item over and over again. if lucky things get spotted by us or others, if unlucky..

The info in this wiki was collected in many ways. sometimes locally in our League or through our rf1 database, other times snatched of the web from other sites/forums/users.
When taken from other sites, we will link to them directly to show the source. Forum posts might get the same treatment if it is logical but from single comments, remarks & tips offered during discussions on the internet we will not.
But we are grateful nonetheless! its the only way this wiki could be created so thank you if you see yourself reflected in the articles.


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