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Pitfalls & Recommendations

Being boys we normally don't read manuals, assume we will figure things out as we go along and then there is the ego telling us we are destined for greatness by default.
So far so good.

However, chances are when just starting with rf2 you will kinda suck at it. No problem of course, we all did.
But here are some points that might help you get started in a more constructive manner:


Joining online servers from the get-go.
You should at least familiarize yourself a bit with rf2 before you go online. Don't have to be offline for weeks/months, but at least get your stuff together.
It will also most likely frustrate you as others will have more experience and will kick your behind.
Plus you might not be as stable as you think you are and could cause collisions left and right whilst trying to figure out where the mirror-button is....

Comparing yourself to faster drivers.
Is usually a good thing, it sets goals. But when just joining in it could work against you and when you start overdriving in compensation rf2 will punish you harshly which adds to the frustration. Often new drivers fall into this downwards spiral which could well lead into giving up all together.
A fast driver has experience in at least Hotlapping and possibly more. They will make it look easy and smooth but never forget they either have to work hard for it or are so experienced they need much less time then others to become fast. So it might look easy enough when watching them, but it sure ain't that way.

Not knowing a track's layout
For sure a good way to make yourself not liked by others. testing online often results in multiple collisions. some drivers don't even know how to leave a pitlane. get yourself prepared.

Not being aware off...
Lag! there will always be the unknown factor of lag or other connection issues. When racing close, one should always calculate this unknown into the equation by making sure there is room left and/or options to back out/yield.

Not being aware of other drivers is one of the things we see with new drivers as well. They are probably way to occupied with their own racing and keeping it on the track but it often results in incidents that never should have happened.
So make sure your hud is on and you can check if cars are close/getting close/leaders are approaching. (4,5,6 on the keyboard)
Make sure your mirrors and/or virtual mirrors are on (3 on the keyboard)
Bind a button to rear-view is also a good option.


Pretty much already mentioned above, be prepared. know your sim, know the track.

Overdriving is the nr1 cause of our frustrations. it makes us suffer, it makes us slower. Just slow down more, brake earlier, later on the throttle. give yourself some breathing space.
Often drivers will go faster by trying to be less fast. weird, I know. But it can make you more efficient.

Check your ping (/ping in chat) anything over 300 is likely to become a problem. find another server.

Many people online will want to help you, many new drivers completely ignore chat. Pay attention when in garage, it could help you in multiple ways to keep up.


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