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Online Driving Etiquette

This is mainly for public racing, Communities and Leagues will no doubt enforce their own driving standards.
And it is a subjective topic of course, nothing is set in stone.

But in general there are some things to consider and be aware of when driving online vs real people.
In most cases when drivers new to a sim mess up a bit, it is because they are simply not aware of things or too occupied trying to get their heads around other stuff.

So here's a rundown on the most obvious topics:

Know what's going to happen: will there be a formation lap? and if so, should I start racing other cars (no! stay in a single line or when its a rolling start next-ish to your neighbour) (check Race Settings in MP game)

On a formation lap: Don't do starts/stops, hold up the line like they do in real life, or weave like a madman. your tire/brake temp's will not remain anyways, no reason to do anything apart from a sensible warmup lap without causing issues to others like the dreaded harmonica effect where you brake slightly and 10 cars back they crash into eachother.
Pole sitters should keep a study pace.

Pay attention to chat: There are friendly people out there trying to help you, but for some reason allot of new users completely ignore chat.

Don't chat during Qualifying and Race: This is usually perceived as being rude. you are not allowing other drivers to concentrate. Show some respect. or use /w name text to privately talk to someone

Situational Awareness: Turn mirrors on, maybe even virtual mirrors (3 on keyboard) , assign a button to look-back, have your hud display the track-bar so you can keep an eye on others (4,5,6 on keyboard)

Respect Blue Flags: They are there for a reason. Don't be the guy taking out the leaders. The track-bar should indicate Leaders are coming well in advanced. Don't let yourself get caught off guard.

Respect Yellow Flags: They indicate an incident zone, slow down. don't try to take advantage of others slowing down as well. try to get through in 1 piece and pick up from there.

Returning to Track: Often a very stressful situation when going off track and wanting to get back asap. But be patient anyways, wait or take a safer route, make sure drivers approaching can see you struggling. You still got a chance of continuing your race, but not if you return with your eyes closed and hoping for the best.

Be Predictable: The more people will know what you are doing (defending or attacking) the safer it gets for all. so when you have chosen a certain line in a close battle, stick by it. don't move into someone just because they are going to pass you. Blocking is the main cause for incidents and heavy flaming. Even more so for inexperienced drivers, sticking by your line is usually the safest thing to do when chased by much faster drivers.

Don't try to win in the First Turn: Arg, such a cliché, used so many times. But its true. We get exited, we get pumped, its crowded and you think you can pass at least 3 cars before its too late in the race. and then 6 of you dnf blaming each other. Just show some restraint already. the smart and safest drivers are usually the ones having the big smiles at the end of the race. Plus they are the ones whom actually raced. One could even focus on avoiding incidents rather then focussing on a start/1st lap. that is often enough to just laugh at all the silly people crashing around you whilst you continue.

Lag and stuff: Be always aware that lag will come into play at some point when racing close. always leave room for error. make sure you can yield/brake/avoid. slow down (a bit) when cars in front disappear, they will most likely come back in 2 or 3 seconds.

Different Skill Levels: Since we are not professional drivers, and in public often don't know each other, it is maybe wise to assume not everyone is up to your driving skills. So take into account others might do weird stuff, don't assume they know how to race, don't assume they know how to race safely.
There's no real advice on how to deal with that tbh. just be aware of it, can make allot of difference. Public racing can be full of surprises and lifting or moving over when you don't really trust someone's capabilities could be the smart thing to do.

For the rest, go get'em!

Legends League members can also check our Driving Etiquette article which was created during rf1 seasons but still to be used as a standard guide.
They should also know the TWFR Rules before they join official events. There have been members heavily penalized simply because they did not know there is a Blocking Rule. Don't let it happen to you.
Our Penalty Guide can also help to show you what Stewards are looking for. what not to do.
Our Corner Cutting page is informative as well.


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