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What you can expect from rf2

Or in other words, what is different with rf2 then with other sims?

There are quite a few complaints about rf2 and the way it feels like racing on Ice.
First of all this is a common problem, even for real world professional drivers, they will always bitch about the lack of grip. This could be due to a lack of grip or simply overdriving where you should not.
The current rf2 physics and tire models will give you much more feedback then you might have experienced before, consequently you need to basically re-learn how to drive effectively because chances are you will get into trouble sooner then used to. This is not GPL or rf1, its just different ok?

But what new users in general might not realize is that rf2 uses a Real Road system. it Builds Rubber on the track as you and others do their rounds. So the grip increases as you progress and a game/server should be set up in such a way that it has a reasonable effective/realistic level of grip once you reach qualifying and certainly the race itself.

Don't use a 'green track' for anything unless you are doing it deliberately.
Start building rubber pre-sets and use them.

Also due to the new physics, tire model (incl. flatspotting) and Real Road, things have changed considerably over your previous sim/game. rf2 is much much harsher on you, you will suffer consequences much earlier, tires will heat up and not come back unless you nurture them, going off track means you need at least a lap of slow driving to get them back into normal temps. A violent spin might mean you need to go in for new tires. you will not get fast with 10 laps or so, you really need to do many more before you 'get' the sim or a car you are using.
Gone are the days of rf1 for example where anything go's.

It might also take longer then in other sims to get comfortable with rf2 on-track. A quick dash of 10 or 20 laps might not be sufficient for you to judge the sim/track/mod. I could take quite some effort before things start to make sense.

So in essence, assuming you are new to rf2, you need to give yourself some time and exercise some patience because make no mistake, the rewards are just as epic as the punishments.


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