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Getmod Manager by Noel Hibbard

Anyone now joining with no content installed will download, install & join your server.

Login to account online to check your files.

Original post and steps by Noel in this thread so you can thank him or troubleshoot.

Creating download links by uploading your files

Not all free upload sites/clouds will work with Getmod, they need to be direct download links and no HTTPS, FTP, Captcha, redirect limits or adds and that limits our options considerably.
Here are a few examples that will work:

Your own server
Dropbox 20GB per day for free accounts and 200GB per day for pay accounts
Mediafire requires Pro account to avoid adds. info post on setting up an MF account.

In case you need shorter urls: snipurl - tinyurl - bitly

You can't register the same sig more than one time. If you want to add more URLs to the same sig then just click edit on the one you already registered and add more URLs to it.
rfactor2 does not support Multicmp's with Getmod but with GMM you are able to extract the individual rfcmp files from the big Multicmp so that you can upload and then add URLs to them. [watch the tutorial]

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