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Edit your grids

You could edit a grid by remote in the live server window (+ -)

You can also use the Gridedit tool
Place the file inside Userdata/Log/Results in your local rf2.

Instant Grid Edit:
Let Qualifying commence and finish.
Open Gridedit.exe, locate the qualifying xml should look something like 2014_03_27_23_05_49-15Q1.xml where Q1 indicates its Qualifying
Set parameter reverse list with no entries is default grid
Press edit Grid.
Back to server and type /batch grid.ini and press enter. You should now see the moves being displayed in the chat window.
Grid should be set.
Grid Edit will not work if the existing session is in qualifying or in practise

Manual Grid Edit
Place a txt file in Userdata/Log, rename it to grid.ini
add drivers and their positions to the ini file

Example of a grid.ini file:
//Double forward slash + text can be used for reminders, it will be ignored by Gridedit.
/editgrid 1 Rik Walker
/editgrid 2 Grant Riddall
/editgrid 3 Rouke vd Hoek
/editgrid 4 Ralph Maiph
/editgrid 5 ~ISR~ KILL BILL
/editgrid 6 Ray Riddall
/editgrid 7 Bret Metcalf
/editgrid 8 Paul L
/editgrid 9 Dale
/editgrid 10 fbabij
/editgrid 11 CRex
/editgrid 12 rfactor3
/editgrid 13 Rios
/editgrid 14 onediego
/editgrid 15 simetrije
/editgrid 16 toyotasupra612
/editgrid 17 dadicam

You can switch drivers as you please. Don't forget to save the file.

Note that when a qualified driver leaves and does not return, you need to edit them out of the list and bump drivers below him, save file and run the batch. Otherwise you risk new drivers whom did not qualify taking up the empty space, possibly in the front.
If set properly anyone (new) entering after qualifying will be placed in the back in order of arrival. Even when the batch is run again.


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