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HTTP / Getmod / Auto-install

In rf2 people can auto-download/install content when they join your server with the Getmod feature.
Getmod works in 2 stages: [1] client downloads vmod and [2] is the "Get missing components" stage.

When you set up a server or host you need to know how clients can join with regards to the content your server is running.
There's one correct way to do it and one wrong way:

Getmod Manager adding/changing download-url's to your server content

The URL in the rfcmp points to a database that redirects to the actual URL where the rfcmp is hosted. In order to serve people joining your server you can let them auto-download/install upon join with Getmod.
However, not all .rfcmp files have download links added to them by default, or when they do, they might go 404 in the future.
You are able to add your own download urls to .rfcmp files though:

Noel Hibbard created a nifty system and tool for us all to use, check out how/what/why.

With Getmod there is no bandwidth issue for the server/host, clients will not directly download from your HDD or the servers HDD. Unless an admin decides to include content in the vmod which is not recommended.

Note that all ISI content will already have an external download links. some 3rd party content as well, but not all. how to check for url in rfcmp in the Getmod Manager section
The Getmod Manager is to make sure content that do not have this external download link, can have them as well.

Make sure your vmod is located/installed in the Packages directory!

Enable/Disable Enable Autodownloads=" in the MP.ini doesn't seem to have a function. It doesn't disable HTTP nor Getmod.
HTTP Server Document Root="Packages" is another item in the MP.ini that doesn't seem to do anything.


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