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Lets make sense

This item is highly debatable and non-essential, but it does serve a purpose, new admins or hosts can check it out for some general guidelines and pitfalls in setting up servers/events.

•vmods with multiple tracks means less people joining (as they either don't have them or don't want to download)
•The easier you make it for people to join the better. so vmod+1track, default mod, etc. will most likely see more people join.
• Ideally a vmod-name would give info on the event e.g. Car+info (track name is already covered in browser)
•Double check if your vmod is actually working.
•ISI content already have external download links build in, so there will be no additional server-load when people download upon joining.
•Using ISI content will probably give you more traffic as well as most people will already have it installed.
•Lengthy practise sessions often will see people give up prematurely.
•Lengthy races often get abandoned soon.
•Make the race too short and drivers will go mental to try and win in just a few laps.
•Formation laps often cause problems (drivers thinking they can race etc) best not have a formation lap at all.
•Its cool to have admin powers but take it seriously. Abuse will often result in drivers leaving and possibly a bad server-reputation with fewer traffic. Where as creating a constructive environment can do the opposite, drivers might want to return regularly to your server.


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