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Joining servers

Q: What could be so special about joining a server that it requires an article?
A: Because there is, and probably always will be, some confusion about it.

rFactor2 requires a vmod to be installed on the server side, and when you join that server, rf2 will obtain that vmod, check its content and then check if your sim has the same content. (the correct track/mod & its versions)

A server admin or Host decides which content is required. He can add 1 track and 1 car to the vmod (easy & quick access) , or 20 of them (not so easy & quick!)
You cannot join the server if you do not have that content.
You cannot join if you have the 'current' track that is running but not the other tracks required. you need everything. yes pretty annoying
The server will auto-download/install. After which you are allowed to join. there will be a list of items you do (green) or don't have (red) and it will start downloading.

If the server admin did it correctly of course, if he forgot to add sounds to his vmod for example then you will have the mod, but no sounds.

Avoiding problems

Is what life is about, and equally challenging in rf2.

First off make sure you have all ISI content. it will make MP a little better as servers regularly use ISI content (because many admins assume users will have this installed anyways)
Check here for more content.
Do not check if you have content in the Series section of your game, check the Mod Manager.

For the rest its about luck, and keeping your sim up to date on popular/quality content.
You could try and find files when you really want to join a specific server, maybe through their own website or over at ISI or whatever, but you could end up chasing ducks for a long time and still not succeed.
There will be a mod database of some sorts in this Wiki though, which hopefully can help a bit.


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