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Performance & Graphics:

What you should know

There is allot of talk about how to tweak rf2 and allot of tips are going around. However, rf2 should work out of the box by default, it is not always needed to dive into the paraphernalia of it all.
Basic setting and their adjustments are often good enough. Just keep in mind a new Build might throw you back (or forward)

But there are a few things that seem to cause confusion or that you should be aware of:

One or the other?

You can have both good performance and good graphics of course, if lucky enough. But allot of people will have to focus on one of them. Its up to you which way to go.
Keep in mind that your hardware configuration is unique, you might find tweaks that give a boost whilst other users are going in the opposite direction and find their boosts.
This section is about finding the many tweaks and settings that are out there and could help your sim shine like it is supposed to.

Hardware Sorcery

Low-end or High-end PC's: your graphical settings fully maximized will be relative to your hardware.
Its not that a Low-end PC can only run on low settings and you should upgrade hardware to be able to run Max settings.

Knowing that, you should also know that when you run max settings you could be stressing your PC. A powerful PC will just be able to squeeze more out of the sim overall but can still run into some pretty serious issues.
Likewise a Low-end PC might show no differences in graphical appearance at all between Max texture Detail or High Texture Detail for example. simply because your card might not be up to the task.

So it still possible to run into problems on a good system, don't just assume it wont because you now have 400TB of RAM and certainly don't expect rf2 to run well because rf1 or iRacing runs well. Cannot compare.
Read on in the Performance section

FPS & Smoothness

A very important thing to be aware of when tweaking your sim for either performance, graphics or both is the smoothness of your sim on-track.
FPS and smoothness often go hand in hand. find more fps and smoothness will increase as well.
But not always! Some tweaks will see little gain in actual fps but it will suddenly run much smoother. this is your Holy Grail in Simracing.

Because the smoother the sim will run, the more things will take place in real time and everything changes accordingly, your reaction times, your input, feedback and overall sense of being there on the spot.
(we are probably talking milliseconds in allot of cases)

This can actually make you faster! Seriously, your laptimes can improve just by a having a smoother game. It also it can give a placebo effect of having more grip then before. Just because you are able to feel and react much better. In a sense it brings the sim to life. In extreme cases (when 2 builds are very different for example) you might even need to tweak your setups to adapt.
The importance of this cannot be stressed enough so spread the word.

Of course the differences can be very subtle. Sometimes even hardly noticeable. You will have to develop a sense for it and maybe the best way is to compare on familiar ground.
So the track/mod combo you have been using all week is a much better tool then picking something you haven't raced in months. Especially since different tracks/cars will have different effects on the system (some use bigger textures, more frames, larger objects etc)
When testing, use the same content over and over. (and maybe even pick something that is quite heavy on your system to begin with)

Test offline as online there will be connection issues mixing it up.
On that note it might be a good idea to routinely change some settings for online play. A simple reducing reflections/Texture Detail could make allot of difference for that all-important league race whilst offline you might want to use more eye-candy. Be practical.

And for all of the above it would make sense to at least find out what kind of settings hit your system the most. Knowing is half the battle.
So if you are up to the (often tedious) task of fiddling all things rfactor2 then read on in the Performance section


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