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The benefits of joining a community

Allot of people assume one needs allot of experience and skills to join leagues/communities.
Allot of people assume they need to invest loads of their time into it.

This is often a misconception. Whilst every league is different in approach and philosophy allot of them will welcome you gladly. Safety is often the only requirement in order to join. And since racing is risky by default the demand will often be about being reasonably safe/aware.

Fact of the matter is, you are reading this because you love simracing. And nothing makes you faster and more consistent then racing in an organised environment.
And chances are you will enjoy it much more as well. Many studies have shown that the fun will get multiplied by the force of a thousand locusts. So there you go already...

Sharing info and setups
Getting to know other drivers and deal with them on-track using that knowledge.
Admins and members helping you out with issues.
No more worries on where to go next and will there be wreckers.
Much less incidents by default.
Becoming faster in a shorter period of time.
Becoming much more knowledgeable about racing and setting up cars
Having all your events planned out.
No more pickup racers to deal with.
Likely racing on fast and secure dedicated servers.

But I don't have the time
If you are concerned you will not be able to spend much time practising etc. well don't then. Being able to drive reasonably safe is in many cases the main requirement. The rest is up to you, don't practise and expect to race the bottom of the grid, practise like a madman and you are likely to battle the top 5.

In general it does not take too much time to prepare for a race once you are up to speed on things rf2 and comfortable in your car. Many leagues do not have mandatory attendance. you can even skip events when pressed for time.
And many leagues will have grids with both Aliens, medium fast drivers and slow drivers. Chances are you will always be racing others no matter what.

People often seem intimidated by leagues whilst in essence its just a bunch of drivers racing in a more controlled environment. Sure there will be Aliens beating everyone every round but so what? they started out with little as well, look at them now, thinking they all that. In time you too will think you all that. Which isn't proper English I know.

So quit stalling, join a league.


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