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rf2 Setup: Multiplayer

Open Multiplayer
This is your server browser. it browses servers.
Click on a server and press join. rf2 will now try to install the vmod from the server that determines which tracks and mods it is running.
If you already have the content then it will move you on to car-select and then you can join the server.

If you do not have the content installed Getmod will attempt to download & install the content for you. When successful you will join the server right away.
2 different vmod-scenario's:
The server vmod contains only one mod and one track (quick access)
The server vmod contains multiple cars and tracks and will not allow you to join until all of them are installed (this could take long and can result in errors)

If you click on a server and the join-button remains grey. refresh the browser. or even restart rf2. if it remains, call for help.

There are a few filters you can use at the time of writing, name/series/circuit. we are hoping this will be updated in the future as this is somewhat limited.

You cannot join by IP
You cannot have a Lan session
You cannot Bookmark a server
You can re-join a race in progress. provided the server allows it. and provided it is made to actually work properly. in some builds it works, in others not.

Keep in mind that installed content from a server is the same as installed content from your Mod Manager. So don't forget to remove unsuccessful items or those you thought where not worthy.

Why on earth did they create this crappy vmod system!?

Now how did we know you where wondering about this? Because you are not the first one and you wont be the last.
But before you go on the Interweb and start a troll campaign with your Facebook friends consider the following:
The previous system in rfactor1 was seriously flawed in three ways, 1] it was too easy to crack, 2] Too may cheaters and hacks and 3] it was so unstable and prone to mismatches it practically killed Multiplayer and caused a massive sweep of passworded servers across the globe and almost every single user being pretty frustrated with it all.
So in an attempt to tackle those 3 issues the Mod Manager and vmod systems where created. To check the integrity of the content vs others, make sure all drivers on servers actually have the same content and prevent cracking and cheating (or at least attempts to do so)

As for its flaws and being unnecessary complex at times, we can only hope ISI will keep ironing out issues in the future.
As for servers that demand you to auto-install multiple cars and tracks, that is up to the server admin to make it so and their loss if you decide not to download 2GB of crap for just 30minutes of fun. But hopefully ISI will fix this issue as well some day.

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