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Multiple installs & Builds

Pretty basic. You should install rf2 with both the same Core and Data paths in the location of your choice.
Do it again but in a different location for the 2nd install.
Preferably different drives.
You can also copy/paste your entire Userdata folder from 1st install into 2nd if you want things to remain the same.

Take note: In the Mod manager you will need to change the Working Dir to its proper location. (one install or the other) and just leave the packages dir as selected. no need to have two different packages directories.

Another method is to copy your entire first rfactor2 folder and paste it in another location and change the Paths to their new location from the Launcher/Advanced tab.
Note: this method is untested by us.

The same routine for different builds or unstable Builds.

The same method can be used for dedicated servers but there are other ways as well. explained in the Server & hosting section of this Wiki.

Note: As to why one would want separate installs is different per user. Usually its about league racing, having different and/or conflicting content, modders and testers.
A regular user should not be bothered with this all too much, one install will cover pretty much all you need.
But keep it in mind, in the future, when we all have 400GB of content installed it might start to effect the sim and then it could be sensible to have multiple installs.(one test install and one Lite-Race install for example)

Download older Builds.


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