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Taken from this article by Diablo. port settings in that article have changed, see below

Go here and/or here for multiple rf2 server installs.

Creating Multiple Server Instances (profiles)

One does not need to have multiple installations for this to work. The only thing necessary is to create additional rFactor 2 profiles and configure them appropriately.

Creating another rFactor 2 profile:
Go to the Data path (have a look into Core\data.path in the installation folder) and change into the Userdata directory. There is the default profile folder named "player". Create a copy of that folder and name it, so you can remember it. In this Howto the new profile folder will be named "server". Now change into the just created directory ("server") and rename the file "player.PLR" to the name of the new folder, i.e. "server.PLR" in our example.
You now have a new folder named "server" in Userdata, that contains the file "server.PLR". That is all you need to do to create a new profile. Check if it works, by clicking "Host" in the rFactor 2 Launcher, you will see the new profile name in the drop down menu:


Donīt start a server session just yet! The new profile needs some configuring first.

Configuring Multiplayer.ini:

The most important configuration step is to change the ports the server will listen on:

Simulation Port="54297" // range is 1025 - 65535

HTTP Server Port="64297" // range is 1025 - 65535. Used for file sharing

Make sure those don't have the same value in both Multiplayer.ini files.
Also make sure to use a different root directory for both HTTP servers, otherwise there will be conflicts over the file "server_details.json", which is unique to each server instance:

HTTP Server Document Root="UserData\server\http" // Document root for HTTP server. This path is relative to path stored in data.path. data.path located in root install path

Make sure that directory exists. Also, any vMods that need to be downloadable with the "Get Mod" function need to be present in that directory and the "Package Dir", which can be set separately in the .PLR file:

Package Dir="UserData\server\http"

Changing "Package Dir" is optional, it can be set to the same directory as the HTTP server document root, so one can keep vMods that are only used in one profile in one folder.

thread for troubleshooting


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