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Changing your nick name or user name

Theoretically the easiest way is to go to Userdata/player, open your player.PLR file with notepad or similar and change your Player Nick="
Ideally this already should work online.
(Player name=" is for offline I think)

As that often doesn't work you need the following which is not exactly recommended by ISI but since when do we listen to people whom are knowledgeable on subjects?

So whilst you 'should' simply request a change of username with ISI directly you can also do it yourself, at your own risk of course, here's how:

To change your name you have to first have "show hidden folders" checked in folder and search options(go to the "view" tab).
Then go user\appdata\roaming\.rfactor\rfactor.Name File,
type the name you want to see on the second line of that page and delete what you dont want IMPORTANT ,
Once edited you must change the properties of this file to 'Read Only',,Also do this at your own risk as it may affect future updates

It might take a few server joins for the new username to come into effect.


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