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Painting Cars/Skins

The livery/colours of a car are called the Skin. Its placed over the 3Dmodel in-game and can be altered by you.
In order to do that you first need a program like Photoshop or Gimp, or any program supporting PSD files and DDS files.
7 ways to open PSD files without Photoshop

Then you need to grab a Template (if available) or simply copy over an existing skin and start working on that.

ISI Guide on Painting Pars.
Related Skin Guide thread many issues and their fixed discussed here, maybe start with the last posts and work you way back to be as close to current-build as possible.
Related Wiki Thread
Discussion about compressing dds files

If you fire up rfactor2 and got to Vehicle and then Tuning you can see any available car/skin. in rf2 Customize you can change how the garage looks in Tuning
In Tuning you will see you can select different skins. This is where your new skin would also be available.
Click reload skin to refresh. in some builds this could malfunction, if so, close rf2 and re-open it and the new skin might now appear.
In the Default rf2 User Interface (UI) you can see the path of a skin. This path refers to your Userdata/player/settings folder and within that it refers to a car-folder. for example fr35_car
In Tuning you can also create a new directory for your skin. same routine as above. A new car-folder or skin folder inside a car folder will be created. for example fr35_car/FR35_10

Tool Tip:
When viewing your skin in Garage you are able to zoom in/out, release cam and move the car through the garage.
If you are using the 'car screenshot' showroom, change to one of the other 2 and you can then rotate around the car by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse
zoom in and out by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse.
You can also hold the left mouse button then hold down the right mouse button in addition to it and move the camera off centre with mouse movement.

In Userdata/player/player.plr change Miscellaneous="0" to Miscellaneous="1" which allows you to move around the car.
thx hectari

2 new customized Garages available

Recent fix: Not able to view custom skins at all in rf2? Install the Content version of rf2, not the Lite version. (fwiw both Core/Data paths placed in c:\)

If you are still not able to see skins [unknown reason] placing a skin inside a .mas file can solve that. Here's how to do it:
This method is also working when helmets and suits are included (also for online sharing)
REMOVE the single skins from the folder, only the mas file of that skin should be in place.

So before you start spending hours on a skin, make sure it actually works and shows as intended. Just place a big coloured patch into the skin, save it and see if it worked.

Whilst painting you may need to switch back and forth between rf2 and Photoshop or other programs. It helps to set rf2 to Windowed mode through the Launcher/Configure sim. Now its much easier to switch back and forth.

Painting a good skin can be quite the task. If you are starting out/experimenting then just grab an existing skin, re-name it,and start changing stuff. Keep it simple so you can get some experience with it.

rf2 has a skin transfer option build in. You need to turn it on in rf2/Settings/Display.
Note that in order for this to work a server (or your server) has to enable skin transfers.
Note that in some builds this feature might be turned off.
Note that in some builds Skins Transfers could cause performance issues with client/server constantly attempting to transfer and not succeeding.
You can also do it the old fashioned way, send your skins manually to others for them to place in the correct folder


Related: Skins thread over at ISI - Good example on a skinset and Carset

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