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Optimizing Performance

Not just for low-end pc's!

Electronic Computer

Running a sim or game smoothly as intended often starts with a healthy PC. There are allot of external items that could effect performance so make sure your pc is healthy, has enough space in c:/ for windows to breath, is up to date and scanned for viruses, Trojans, browser hacks, etc etc. see bottom of article
Best tip on the Interweb: shut down pc, remove power cable, ground yourself (touch pc case) , open case and gently remove all that dust you have been harvesting the past years. Don't leave the case open, it needs to be closed again for efficient airflow.
rf2 is demanding so it will also help to disconnect external HDD's, don't stream, pause clouds, don't download/upload or let programs auto-update. (whilst racing)

Testing Routines on-track

For a good and fair comparison always test rf2 on the same track with the same mod and the same amount of AI (or none)
Preferably with content that is harsh(er) on your system. (if you can break the code here, it will run even better elsewhere)
Don't change too much at once, you want to find out what is hurting rf2, once you find out it is well possible that other settings can go up again.

Good thing to keep an eye on is the FPS counter and CPU/GPU/Physics Load.
  • Ctrl+F [FPS & GPU] resource utilization Press once for FPS counter, again for GPU bar, once more for both.
  • Ctrl+C [CPU] resource utilization Green is for Graphics, Purple is for Physics (full green is ok , full purple is not ok) Tall spikes mean the frame rate time is consistent around a given time. the Physics histogram is inverted.

  • The heavy hitters explained

    Theoretically rf2 should work out of the box with you only having to tweak the obvious settings in Display in-game and in Video Res (in-game) or Configure Sim (rf2 Launcher)
    But since you are probably here for a reason, here are the main items that can effect performance:

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