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rf2 performance: player.PLR located in Userdata/player

Close rfactor2
Open the player.PLR file with notepad or txt file. Notepad+ +: view, edit & search .PLR .ini and other rf2 files
Write down an original value before you edit.
Edit, save, open rf2 and test.

Texture Sharpening="2" // Sharpen textures using MIP LOD bias - 0=Off, 1=+2.0(very blurry), 2=+1.0(blurry), 3=-1.0(sharp), 4=-2.0(very sharp), 5=0.0(auto)
Different settings on Texture Details - check them all - value will differ per user.

Transparency AA="0" / Soften edges around alpha test objects
turn trans AA off in .plr for better performance

Max Framerate="0.00000" / 0 to disable (note: positive numbers only, we always use the 'alternate' method now)
Try running GPU Sync in Configure Sim and set "Max Framerate=60.000" in the PLR file saving allot of CPU time.

Inactive Sleep Time="-1" to disable it (default is 25)

To prevent rf2 to lose too much focus when using Alt+tab or switch when in Windowed Mode.

Rearview_Back_Clip="60.00000" // Back plane distance for mirror (0.0 = use default for scene)
Mirrors [original is "0.00000"]

Replay Settings

When recording replays it will have an effect on performance. turn it off or decrease fidelity. You can set replays and Hotlaps combined or separately.
There are options in the .plr file to influence replays:

Record To Memory="0" // record replays to memory rather than disk (may possibly reduce stuttering, but at your own risk because memory usage will be significant for long races)
Should be left like this if system memory is under 4 GB. If there's a lot of RAM, it could be set to 1, but I don't really see the benefit.


Compress Replay="1" // whether to compress VCR file (uses less disk space but takes more time to write)
0 would be uncompressed, so easier on the CPU, 4 would be the most intensive, I guess, because it would compress the data the most.

It seems they manage the way the replays are recorded. If it's just copied to RAM, it's quicker, but it fills up your RAM during the race, which can cause problems over time.
Also, if the recorded data is compressed, it uses less space, but it might slow down your CPU as you're racing because of the added step of compressing the data. Weird settting, because replays don't take much space anyway.

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