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Livetiming & Broadcasting results

There are multiple tools and sites whom can serve you and your community/website in terms of broadcasting results & livetiming.
Some are as easy as placing 1 or 2 files onto the server or sim, others are a bit more complicated. Don't rule those out, they might have many more features.

This article is not going to tell you which are better, it will be about giving you options and when available there will be related links to discussions so you can find out yourself and/or troubleshoot.


Free and easy to install. Stable performance and regular updates. Paid version has not yet been released.
Everything is done on 'their' end so you have little control over it but perhaps not needed either.
It also does race results, scoring, ratings, etc.
Can handle multiple server instances. view for example


Very handy Online tool to upload your xml results, edit and then broadcast to others or on your site/forums.

rfactor2 Livetiming [Beta]

Live Timing, Feeds, Session Results and Track Positioning screenshot1 screensot2

rf2 Log Analizer

Export race results and statistics to HTML report, detailed statistics for all sessions.
Example of a Race report

SLS rF2 Liveview Plugin

Requires manual installation. It should more or less work the same as in rf1 which was an very effective plugin with lots of features that can be controlled by the server admin.
Not an instant install, one needs to put in the work. read the thread to get the latest .dll.

VM LiveView Lite for rFactor & rFactor2

Manual installation. examples in above link + discussions.

LiveMonitor and Hotlaps

Log your rFactor2 Server session, with a Real-Time onscreen display of Drivers and Session information along with Real-Time track position of the drivers.

rf2 Rank

Online Database for hotlaps. sign up, race, upload your result file and see where you are in the ladders.

rFactor Session & Championship Manager OnLine

Functionality unknown. Related thread

Additionally a server message plugin which allows you to send /whispers to drivers joining. an excellent tool for advertising, recruiting or info on the current event.
Note: it has a habit of messing up result files so when not in the mood of editing out weird text then better leave it for non-essential events.

Note:There will be items we missed, or added in the future, check the related threads over at ISI to keep yourself up to date here and also here

Warning when dealing with xml files you need to make sure they are 'clean'. Weird text or grammer can often result in results not being displayed properly. In most cases this is due to chat lines. remove chat from xml files and see if it works now. Some plugins can cause these problems as well so make sure to check where those weird lines in the xml files come from.

By default, rf2 only keeps the last 10 log files. To increase this number: Check/edit your Userdata/player/player.plr and find the line Number Race Results="10" and change it. obviously this will effect HDD space

No doubt we did it wrong describing your tools/plugins! Or yours is missing(!!)
Please don't be upset, just drop us a note on what you would like to see added/changed and we will be glad to alter it.
Contact us - pm at ISI
If you feel your plugin needs a separate article so it can be explained properly, why don't you send us the info or do it yourself
if its purely for commercial or advertising purposes then maybe not


Related Files: Core FTP l Cute FTP l VNC remote desktop l Notepad++ Edit ini, .PLR, HDV files and more.

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