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rf2 Setup: Single Player

Open Single Player and lets get some things out of the way first:


This category is not actually for Racing Series as such. its the section where you select which kind of game you want to play.
Notice the All Cars & Tracks icon/entry. this will be your friend for the most part. It enables you to select whatever content you have installed and then just race with it.
Other icons/entries will be what's called vmods. vmods are the same as All Cars & Tracks but they are limited to whatever content was assigned to it by you or other users.
There's two ways to obtain a vmod: either you create your own vmod (your own series) or you have joined a server and acquired their specific vmod.

Important: rfactor2 will always start with the latest vmod that was either used or obtained from a server. so you might have to go into Series allot and re-select All Cars & Tracks. keep that in mind when you think your game suddenly lost most its cars and tracks. its just the Series selection being silly.


This Category speaks for itself. its where you select you ride.
Take note of the Tuning button as well though, its where you can select your cars upgrades. and you will need to check those often. Neglecting it could well be the reason why you are stuggling vs others.
Also here you can check and select different skins, custom skins and create Virtual Cars.


This Category is even more simple, select track (and/or its layout) and accept.
Note: when you installed multiple versions of the same track, they might not be displayed as such in rf2 (version numbers)

Race Settings

This Category is where you select the track and race-conditions.
Whenever you enter this category first note the 3 tabs on top: practise/qualifying/race. Every time you enter rf2 will default to Race. so when wanting to tweak practise, make sure you actually select practise first. otherwise you will load a session with only Race set to your liking.

Some highlighted Race Settings:

Private practise decides whether other cars are visible on-track or not. set it to ON and you will not see other cars but they will still be practising. set it to OFF and you will be together on the track. (Also applicable for a server)
Real Road determines the way rubber will behave on track and during the sessions:

More details about Rubber settings (and weather) in About Weather and Rubber

AI Drivers
You can either predetermine the amount and which AI will join you, or leave it all blank and add AI when you are on-track.
Note: Some report a decrease in FPS when pre-setting the AI in this window whilst adding them after the track has loaded could be better.
More about AI

Weather Settings
Notice the 5 icons at the top. you can set different weather for different slots, making the weather dynamic and changing. This can be set for each session.
Note: For rain you might want to activate/increase Soft Particles in the Display settings. it will make it look better.
Warning: Dynamic weather does have effects on performance and can make your pc feel unloved. If you are struggling with performance in rf2 you might want to set everything the same weather type so that it wont be changing realtime and stress your pc too much.
If you still would like a good looking game try different hours of a day. some of them (dusk for example) are pretty nice and when not allowing it to change into daylight it wont hammer the system too much.

More info about weather and rubber

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