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Updating rfactor2

There are 3 ways to update rFactor2 and your dedicated server:


Open the launcher and go to the Update tab. The Launcher will check for updates and either it is up to date or will offer to install a new Build. Click Update and it will start.
Note: It might not update if your build is older then its successor. (2 to 3 will update, 1 to 3 will not)

Install on Top

You can download the latest Lite Build and simply install it over your current rf2 install to update it.
Note: For the above two; Some settings might default back (List view, Sleep Time, etc. depending on [unknown] so make sure you know which settings you tweaked. (mainly in the .ini files)
Note: For the above two when experiencing oddities in graphics make sure you delete the contents of both the CBash and Shaders folders located in Userdata/LOG. This will enable rf2 to re-build certain graphics from scratch again.

With the 2 above options there is a chance that old 'stuff' remains. This could influence rf2, especially when taking this route for multiple builds.
If you are experiencing oddities in performance or otherwise it is recommended to do a:

Fresh Install

Remove your current rf2 install completely - Reboot your PC - install the new build.
Note: Check our comments on how to set paths upon installing.
Note: check What to Backup first in the main Wiki.
Note: When uninstalling rf2 your credentials will remain untouched. rf2 will not delete them so you will be logged in as per usual after re-installing.
For reference: The rf2 Credentials are located in Windows 7/Users/name/Appdata/Roaming and is a folder called .rFactor

When the Launcher turns grey after an update or re-install checksum.


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