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Create your own vmod icons

These are the graphics that show in your main rf2 series-screen (small icon) and as a graphic for the installed vmod (large Icon)

When you create a new vmod tick Customize in the title screen and you will see 2 entries for the 2 icons.
Click 'B' and the default locations opens up, which is in your username/Appdata/Roaming/Mastemp folder.

This is a temp folder, it will remove custom made icons whenever it feels like.
So browse to that folder, copy both icons and save them somewhere else.

Open Photoshop or your paint program of choice and start tweaking those icons to your liking.
Save them as yournameICON.dds and yournameSMICON.dds
ICONyourname.dds will not work
DDS settings can be the same as advised here

Create new vmod, click customize, open icon paths and select the icons wherever you saved them on you Computer.
Finish vmod, install, open rf2 and admire your work!

You have to hit accept or 'v' in order to let the vmod show properly in rf2. it doesn't always load automatically, even if you selected it.
If using a custom UI and using the vmod for online racing, check the icons in the default UI as well, just to make sure people will see it as intended.


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