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Creating a vmod

Without a vmod your server will not launch, deal with it.
Without a vmod you cannot create offline series/championships.

A vmod is a simple file that lets the admin/host determine which content he wants to use, the same vmod tells the server/rf2 what to use plus it will tell a client joining your server what he needs. (content needs to be installed on the server first)
For offline racing a vmod determines your series, you can add as much content as you want as long as it is installed in your sim.
Make sure your vmods are located in Packages or they will not work properly.

First a step by step routine for a simple one-track, one-mod vmod:

Find the MAS2.exe inside rFactor2/Support/Tools and open it.

Click on the box:

Click Create

You can ignore Customize, add a title. Keep in mind this Title will show in the server browser, make it an informative title (which cars are used for example)
in customize you could remove icons to make the vmod even smaller, can go from 1.2 meg to 10kb
having spaces in vmod titles is no longer an issue

Add Track

Add Mod/Car

Add Sound. This is important as mods often have external download links so joiners can install via the server. if you do not add Sound, they will have no sound.
The rest of them, AI/UI/etc is less important.

Almost there!
Notice the file size of 706kb Always check this file size. This means it is impossible for clients to download content directly from the server.
Example of doing it wrong this is not recommended! Just keep the file at its original size off under 1MB.
learn more about external downloads

Now click Package and the tool will wrap it all up into avmod. Notice the ID that has been added as well as the message that it was done without errors.

You can now click install and the tool will install the vmod in your packages directory. Make sure it does that and don't let it install anywhere else or trouble is eminent.

Now that the vmod is created you can fire up the server and select the vmod and move on to configure your settings and launch. (or select it for offline usage in rf2/Series)

Make sure it actually works, you server should have Matcher Status and ID otherwise its not working. When it does find your server and see if you can join. possibly even without the vmod installed locally so the server install its for you.

When creating the vmod and using a track with multiple layouts , make sure you select the layout you want (all or a couple or just one). Or:

Select all layouts in the vmod and later on in the dedicated server window you can simply add/remove layouts.

If you are not sure which sound files to pick (its not always obvious unfourtunately) then fire up your Mod Manager, click on the mod, and hopefully it will show which files a mod uses.
Click for example


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