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Rubber Settings

In order to setup pre-determined rubber you need to first create the rubber.
Simply go in-game, load the track and start doing rounds. You can also let the AI do it (lines might not get 100% accurate) or do it online, either on your own server with friends or grab rubber from other servers using the same track.

In any of those cases you click the Save Real Road button, name it so you easily know which file to grab for the server, and Accept.
The file is a .rrbin file and is now stored inside Userdata/player/settings/track.

Server admins need to ftp the file into the server, same location.
Note: when just installed the track on the server it will not have a track-folder inside Settings. Instead of just uploading the .rrbin file you could also just upload your current track-folder from Settings. The server will start using it np.
Note: when using multiple server instances you need to add the .rrbin file to all the profiles you think need the .rrbin file.

For offline players you select the rubber file within rf2/Race Settings as explained here in Some highlighted Race Settings

Note: be sensible with the amount of rubber you create. typically a server/event starts of in Practise and only needs Medium rubber at best. The rest of the rubber will grow as cars drive, and build up per-session.
Start Practise with full rubber and it might become an unrealistic amount by the time the race starts.

How to add a rubber file to your server

Fire up the Dedicated server, select vmod, selects cars then click on the track and click on Weather.


In the new window make sure Practise is selected and then select your rubber file from the Real Road drop down menu.


Select Qualifying and make sure the rubber is now Naturally Progressing.


Select Race and make sure the rubber is now Naturally Progressing.


Repeat this when using multiple layouts.
Click next to launch the Server. Note: leave the Weather Type: Scripted button alone. if you change it there could be changes in rubber/weather you just setup.

Repeat this when using Multiple Server Instances, each profile needs to be setup.

Note: Naturally Progressing means rubber will build up as cars go around the track. This go's for a Practise-pre-set as well and it will keep building on current-rubber for all sessions until the checkered flag.

The basic weather settings are just that. they work the same in single player as on a server, you simple pre-determine what kind of conditions you want for which timetables (percentages of a session)

Note: when a track is updated or possible when a new build arrives, your old rubber files might no longer work.

Additionally here is a thread about the various possibilities in using rubber files. Including the auto-save option. Multiple races and a quick look into the .wet file


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