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Wiki Wish List

Articles/explanations might be a bit off, unclear or need updates. If you spot mistakes or whatever it would help to drop us a not on that so we can adjust.

Some items could use a double check or better explanation from those whom have more knowledge on the subject, other items still need to be implemented:

Server Maintenance surely there is more info to be gathered about it

Multiple Server Instances just not sure if its 100% correct and/or missing other routines

Modding Appart from the linked wiki this section is pretty much empty and needs much more. If you are a modder or knowledgeable person just remember how you started out. that's right: help/info from other peeps.
For the sake of simracing/rf2 and its community we do need as much info as possible.

Much more info/items required on plugins & tools and download sites / databases the more the better!

Video making info/tutorial

FFB Tutorial (upcoming)


Contact us/dump your info

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